bb - Baseblock - Inverter Fault

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bb - Baseblock - Inverter Fault
The A1000 and V1000 inverters both have a baseblock functionality to prevent the output during certain conditions.
The baseblock fault appears when the the machine is in a state where it is not permitted to rotate. This is an input into one of the S1-S8 terminals on the inverter. Check your schematic to see which terminal is your baseblock input. This will typically be a terminal that has normally closed relay contacts leading to it. The following has been pulled from a Yaskawa manual to help verify that you are dealing with a baseblock error.
LED Operator DisplayMinor Fault Name
User-added imagebbBaseblock
Drive output interrupted as indicated by an external baseblock signal.
CausePossible Solutions
External baseblock signal entered via multifunction input terminal (S1-S7).Check signal to the baseblock input for your inverter.



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